about us

Enable Your Success

Like the Filaos, persistent coastal trees, salt tolerant and adaptable to all types of soil to protect the land from strong winds, we set ourselves the mission of creating and sustaining concrete added value through the services we offer to our customers. The objectives that drive us to fulfill this mission are clearly stated in our 4P rule.


Expertise and experience are not sufficient without an applied discipline to always deliver the best for the needs expressed


Passion for service, technology, customers. We believe this quality is essential to deliver more than just expected performance


Because the context is key, the ability to listen is vital to provide the most appropriate advice, approach or solution possible


Each mission is an exchange where we are happy to bring our know-how but also to discover new challenges and new ways of working

our mantra

The concept

Created by experienced entrepreneurs to pass on their experiences, Filaos aims to be a melting pot of talents offering their services to client companies in the most relevant and efficient way possible. The company philosophy based on entrepreneurship shares 4 common values, a Filaos is ...


Politics, ego trips or jealousy are banished from relations between filao. All employees work for the good of Filaos, its members and its clients.


Employees are eager to share their know-how as well as their contacts and business opportunities with the Filaos ecosystem.


Cheating, treason or bribery are grounds for exclusion from Filaos. Uncompromising ethics and integrity are strong values that we promote.


Doing things seriously without taking oneself too seriously, the working atmosphere between employees encourages a spirit of open camaraderie.